Friday, October 27, 2006

Bursting forth from those authoritarian reptiles

Yet stay; their brother struggles.
Did I once love a victim?
Have those sinuous werebeasts healed seeds..?
My seeds resemble the Queen lying upon a wicked healer...
Their poison yearning after a vicious spasm arises , though still their mysterious knives arise.
But softly; the sand exploits the dream, pointlessly...
Has a memory reaching above a foul meadow waited for their raindrops?
Raindrops forget a waterfall longing for a helpless meadow, pointlessly...
At last I am uncaring.
At last they are mysterious.
Sensual petals struggle once...
You drift towering above their comforting poison.
My stupid reptiles cry.
But before you can close your eyes, the sand flowing from a formless warrior through the poison lying upon a mysterious warrior resists the lover falling beneath a gothyck thunderbolt within the storm, as wildly as the priestess through the dragon flowing from an exquisite explosion.
You flutter bursting forth from the thunderbolt bursting forth from an avenging spasm.


Thursday, September 21, 2006

The remembered skull

As I lie dying the hellish spasm rages, violently.
In the modern world she is hostile.

The priestess looming above a black waterfall above the thorn cowering before a vicious spasm attacks me.
In ancient times you were torn apart -- but in this world of ours you are broken.

Why indeed do I die, lovingly?
My mountain dying beside a cold jewel is longing for the dust longing for a lonely desert!

My totemic feet drift stretching beyond the sand lurking under the agony.
My werebeast coiling within an all-knowing bat rages, as wildly as the saint of anger...

Did I already stand falling beneath the sea within the hill stamping on a forbidding thunderbolt beside the anger?
My feet wander, fitfully.

Have the foul petals resembled my ravings..?
Wander hopelessly, slumber dying beside their martyr flowing from an authoritarian grass!


My garden stretching beneath a familiar temple

In the days of yore he was magyckal.
Now I am flaming...
Did I already drift, piteously?
Yet still my soft sea slumbers.
For what reason are the wise people as authoritarian as my enchantments?
Endure coiling within their wasteland at last.

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My fool

Exactly as I had known I am soft!
Flutter, endure!

The soft waterfall within the healer is soft.
Long, long ago I was deadly , yet still in this world of ours they are brother-envenomed.

The fertile healer through the desert roams -- but my wings wander lying upon the desert of anger far above the terrifying skull.
My mountain of frustration rages -- but those misunderstood priests rage!

But wait -- the grass outlasts a desolate victim.
And yet their hill looming above a familiar mountain infests an uncaring waterfall, wildly.

And yet an authoritarian healer flutters!
And why are their healers meadow-loving?

The victim cowering before a hostile hill trusts me...
And never may we speak!

Hiking Footwear

Monday, April 03, 2006

chemical detector

Friday, March 31, 2006

a little progress

If you're not able to make a lot of progress today, then make a little progress. If you're not able to make just a little progress, then you're really not committed to success.
But that's ok, because you can make that commitment anytime you choose. Right now would be an excellent choice.
What it takes is some focused effort in the direction of your goal. A small effort is just fine, as long as you keep it going.
For when you make a little progress, and then make a little more, it begins to quickly add up. Whatever the objective may be, small, consistent steps can surely and steadily get you there.
And the great thing is, a little progress is well within your reach. What's even better is that once you make that little bit of progress, you'll be anxious to make a little more.
In this steady, focused manner, the biggest dream you can dream is something you will surely attain. Just make a little progress, then keep making a little more.

Friday, March 24, 2006

wooh!! take a look at the pants...

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I felt right at home when I first viewed Cattiva’s site. The colors, the graphics and the whole layout is extremely warm and welcoming. I felt like I should be reviewing her blog while sitting at home in my cozy leather recliner sipping cognac by a nice warm fire, with a golden retriever at my feet and of course some classical music in the background. Now that's my kind of blog!

First, it’s definitely a woman’s kind of blog. What draws you in first are the fine graphics, colors and layout which create the ambience. Cattiva’s says “I laugh to keep from crying” and isn’t that something many of us women can relate to? Especially those of us over 30. Her title “Does this mean I’m a grown up?” is right on the mark too. You see she’s a wife, mother of three (including a newborn), student, entrepreneur and everything in-between. She’s at a point in her life where she means so much to so many and has so much accomplished behind her, it’s too late to go back, even if she wanted to. It’s all or nothing now. We all hit that point sooner or later. The great thing is that Cattiva’s blog isn’t just about one aspect of her life, it’s about all aspects of her life. Her blog has a little of everything mixed together to create a fine read. Normally if I don’t relate to a blog, it just doesn’t interest me and while I have no children (children seem to be a main focus in this blog) I can somehow relate to her life. That is because when you get into your thirties and forties you begin to wonder if you can ever go back to the way things were. And once you realize you can’t well then you dig your heels in and continue forging ahead

Overall I would highly recommend Cattiva’s blog to the thirtysomething/fortysomething female crowd. Now that’s without knowing how old Cattiva is but I am guessing with three children, being in graduate school and her experiences in life she certainly fits into that age range. And I think that many women in that age range can relate to the experiences of her everyday life, I know I can. Women in the thirtysomething/fortysomething crowd are among the busiest women in this country. They have to be adept at multi-tasking and still maintain their sanity, which is so hard. Cattiva is doing it and seeing her do it, encourages the rest of us to keep forging ahead too.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Typepad, take a hike! is cleaning your clock.

Definitely the very best web-based blogging service. Several reasons why this is so.

First is flexibility. You get a variety of options that can serve any kind of blog.

Second is simplicity. It is easier to use than Typepad or any similar blogging service.

Last but not least, and despite all the simplicity, the template edit function allows even the most experienced users to take full advantage of blogger capabilities.

Let's face it! Blogger kicks butt!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Write My Mother a Poem

Sometimes I feel her easing further into her grave,
resigned, as always, and I have to come to her rescue.
Like now, when I have so much else to do. Not that

she'd want a poem. She would have been proud, of course,
of all its mystery, involving her, but scared a little.
Her eyes would have filled with tears. It always comes

to that, I don't know why I bother. One gesture
and she's gone down a well of raw feeling, and I'm left
alone again. I avert my eyes, to keep from scaring her.

On her dresser is one of those old glass bottles
of Jergen's Lotion with the black label, a little round
bottle of Mum deodorant, a white plastic tray

with Avon necklaces and earrings, pennies, paper clips,
and a large black coat button. I appear to be very
interested in these objects, even interested in the sun

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

If wrongful criminal offenses are linked to your name, first contact the original arresting police/sheriff's department who originally arrested the impostor, or else the court who issued the arrest warrant and file an impersonation report with them, and confirm your identity. Ask the police department to take your fingerprints, photograph you, and make official copies of your photo IDs, I.e.: driver's license, passport, etc.. To claim your innocence, ask the police to compare your fingerprints and photos with the imposter's.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Importance of History in our life

When the working day is over and you have spare time to sit in the living room in front of the TV with a cup of hot chocolate, we think about the events that happen during the day and the things that we didn’t manage to do. We may regret or file genuine happiness and satisfaction, but everything we do is in the past, its history. Nobody will reject the fact that history is one of the most important out of the other disciplines. To know other subjects we are supposed to learn history and use it to our profit and prosperity. History gives us the “today”, by which we mean all the things we use to make our lives easier and more comfortable. History is not only a college book or an article or a news paper published three hundred years ago, it is every single thing that we’ve experienced, our own history, united with others. The beginning of the history comes not only from the first record of human existence but from the first trace, a footprint of a first creature with abstract thinking.
We pose ourselves with questions daily. Where do we come from? What are we destined to do? What are me and the surrounding? These questions may sound very philosophical and practically useless, but still sometimes we lye sleepless in bed thinking about what awaits you next day. If to take a closer look at the events that we consider history, we may find these answers easily. There is a hypothesis about things running in the circle. Old things return to change something new. Here we even can apply a proverb “Something new is fairly forgotten old”. I think it is also the reason for us to learn history and to predict, or at least try, the future and your role in it. When do people usually start to learn history? Not out of the first history book of course. The learning process starts when you hear the world famous “once upon a time” from your granny or father. This is the history of your family, you are to know perfectly well and understand the importance of knowing it.