Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I felt right at home when I first viewed Cattiva’s site. The colors, the graphics and the whole layout is extremely warm and welcoming. I felt like I should be reviewing her blog while sitting at home in my cozy leather recliner sipping cognac by a nice warm fire, with a golden retriever at my feet and of course some classical music in the background. Now that's my kind of blog!

First, it’s definitely a woman’s kind of blog. What draws you in first are the fine graphics, colors and layout which create the ambience. Cattiva’s says “I laugh to keep from crying” and isn’t that something many of us women can relate to? Especially those of us over 30. Her title “Does this mean I’m a grown up?” is right on the mark too. You see she’s a wife, mother of three (including a newborn), student, entrepreneur and everything in-between. She’s at a point in her life where she means so much to so many and has so much accomplished behind her, it’s too late to go back, even if she wanted to. It’s all or nothing now. We all hit that point sooner or later. The great thing is that Cattiva’s blog isn’t just about one aspect of her life, it’s about all aspects of her life. Her blog has a little of everything mixed together to create a fine read. Normally if I don’t relate to a blog, it just doesn’t interest me and while I have no children (children seem to be a main focus in this blog) I can somehow relate to her life. That is because when you get into your thirties and forties you begin to wonder if you can ever go back to the way things were. And once you realize you can’t well then you dig your heels in and continue forging ahead

Overall I would highly recommend Cattiva’s blog to the thirtysomething/fortysomething female crowd. Now that’s without knowing how old Cattiva is but I am guessing with three children, being in graduate school and her experiences in life she certainly fits into that age range. And I think that many women in that age range can relate to the experiences of her everyday life, I know I can. Women in the thirtysomething/fortysomething crowd are among the busiest women in this country. They have to be adept at multi-tasking and still maintain their sanity, which is so hard. Cattiva is doing it and seeing her do it, encourages the rest of us to keep forging ahead too.


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